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Red Rice & Corn

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Red Rice and Corn
2011-01-01 Other
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Tomato, Corn and Rice dish

  • Servings: 6+
  • Prep Time: 30 or less
  • Cook Time: 35+
  • Total Time: 1hr, 5 mins.+


1-can Diced Tomatoes, including liquid--plain or basil, garlic,etc
1-can (drained) or Frozen Pack of Whole-kernel Corn
2-cups Parboiled Rice
1 Tbsp Olive Oil
1-tsp Oregano
1-tsp Parsley
1-tsp Crushed Garlic
¼ cup Chopped Onion
½ tsp Thyme
½ tsp Cracked Red Pepper
*non-vegetarians Add Crispy, chopped bacon
2 +1/2 Cups of Water, other liquid comes from the tomatoes
*optional Additions--red Bell Pepper & Green Bell Pepper-1/4 Cup Each, diced
**non-vegetarians Can Add Crispy-chopped Bacon Pieces To The Rice Before Adding Tomatoes.


1. Add olive oil to rice pan, and allow to simmer

2. Add the rice, oregano, parsley, crushed garlic,

onion, thyme, and cracked red pepper.(Salt and pepper to taste)

3. Lightly "toast" rice.

4. Add can of tomatoes, and drained corn--mix in. (Add optional crispy, chopped bacon for non-vegetarians)

5. Add 2+1/2 cups of water--stir in, and cover.

6. Cook on stove-top until rice is done.