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Grilled Corn With Cotija Cheese & Lime

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Grilled Corn with Cotija Cheese and Lime
2011-06-15 Side Dish
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Fresh ears of corn are brushed with olive oil and grilled, then rolled in grated cotija cheese. The coated corn is then sprinkled with ground red pepper and lime juice. A real taste treat!

  • Servings: 2


2 Ears Fresh Corn
Olive Oil
¾ cup Cotija Cheese, finely grated
Red Pepper
2 Limes, quartered


I like to grill ears of corn on my indoor stove-top grilling pan, but outdoor will work too. Brush the grilling pan with olive oil. Brush the husked corn cobs with olive oil.

Place ears of corn on the searing hot grill. Listen for the sizzle. Turn the corn every 3-4 minutes. You want the corn kernels to be seared and soft. You should see some kernels turn brown.

It takes about 15-20 minutes to grill 3 ears on my stove top grill. Spread Cojita Cheese on plate and roll corn back and forth through cheese.

Sprinkle with red pepper (to taste) and spritz with fresh lime juice.

Helpful Tips:

This is a variation on a Cuban way to prepare grilled corn. You can substitute butter for olive oil, if you prefer. You can also garnish with cilantro. Cojito Cheese is a very hard Mexican Cheese and it will stick into the corn as you roll the corn on the plate. It's a delicious as a side dish when you are grilling indoors or outdoors.